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I Took Off My Blinders…Finally!

Introduction: I am a 48 year old mother of 3 beautiful children ages 22, 20 and 15. I have been a substitute teacher for 7 years. Colitis Symptoms: Current meds: Rowasa enema every night. .375 Apriso @ 4 pills daily. Just started Prednisone @ 40mg. Fortunately, I’m very responsive to prednisone (I’m 4’11” 108lbs.) last week, however, I was in the bathroom 30 times a… Read More »I Took Off My Blinders…Finally!

Help on Emotional Stress

Introduction: HI, I’m Lynsey 22, from Ireland, engaged to a great fiance, looking to travel the world, start a family, and beat this disease. hope you enjoy reading my story!   Emotional Stress: I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in november 2011. I was a lucky one and only have it in my lower bowel. And when I say “only” I still wish I hadn’t… Read More »Help on Emotional Stress

UC and Me – From a 10 Year Ulcerative Colitis Veteran

I have been lurking on the site reading your stories and I thought it may be good to introduce my story. I developed ulcerative colitis right before my senior year at….UC (University of Cincinnati) in 2001. I was about to begin my final year of architecture school, which is the most stressful and time consuming year of the six year degree. After a couple weeks… Read More »UC and Me – From a 10 Year Ulcerative Colitis Veteran