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Can Stressful Life Events Cause Colitis Flares?

If you’re Hiroshi, Masaki, Yoshitaka, and a bunch of others from Japan who completed some research that was published in February of 2013…I’m pretty sure that you’re answer is going to be a big fat, “YES! Life events can indeed cause/induce colitis flares”. So once again, I was spending time reading through PubMed and another […]

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Colitis and Stress 151 Patient Survey Results - Part 4

Colitis and Stress 151 Patient Survey Results – Part 4

The Final 2 Questions and Answers from the Colitis Stress Survey: (once again, all data was gathered from 151 UC patients who participated on August 8th, 2012) Question #5: Are there any particular UC symptoms that you think are “more” related to stress compared to others? (131 people responded to this question) Overall poor digestion […]

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I Took Off My Blinders…Finally!

Introduction: I am a 48 year old mother of 3 beautiful children ages 22, 20 and 15. I have been a substitute teacher for 7 years. Colitis Symptoms: Current meds: Rowasa enema every night. .375 Apriso @ 4 pills daily. Just started Prednisone @ 40mg. Fortunately, I’m very responsive to prednisone (I’m 4’11” 108lbs.) last […]

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