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Fecal Stool Transplant

Hello, I did the fecal stool transplant. I’ve had ulcerative colitis for over 12 years. I’ve been on medications of all kinds and nothing worked or stopped working, even prednisone . I saw a specialist in Dallas who recommended this procedure after having to see a surgeon. Fecal Stool Transplant has changed my life. It sounds and is a gross procedure, but when you get… Read More »Fecal Stool Transplant

My Girlfriend was diagnosed with UC, Help Please

Hello! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes……………… First off, I don’t have UC myself. It is my girlfriend who has recently been diagnosed with it. My main reason for posting here is to try and get some information and to make myself feel better! I have been very worried about her and this condition especially seeing as… Read More »My Girlfriend was diagnosed with UC, Help Please

Jamie’s story: part 2

I turned 21 in August 2003. I was still in remission at that point. I always had my colitis in the back of my mind after I thought it was gone but didn’t really think about it all of the time. December 2003 came. I remember going to the bathroom one night and seeing blood in my stool. I thought, “hmmm, any “normal” person that has… Read More »Jamie’s story: part 2