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Quit Smoking Again

I am currently in remission- and hope to stay so! I’m Wendy…I am a gardener, kayaker, nurse and cook. I live in rural Iowa and love being outdoors and hiking with my dogs. I got UC after quitting smoking in 2008 on my birthday. I was 43. I had a failed attempt at quitting smoking […]

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Question for the Smokers

Sophie has quit smoking 7 years ago, but has recently started smoking cigarettes again to see if they will also help her gain some control of her ulcerative colitis symptoms. She previously read some of the smoking related stories here on iHaveUC and so far she appears to be…

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Smoking and UC

Introduction: I am 43 years old, male, white. I was diagnosed with UC in 1996. I worked in the cruise industry for 14 years and now live in Vancouver, Canada. I play golf at every opportunity. My Symptoms: I currently have my symptoms under control but I do experience flare-ups from time to time. Generally […]

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