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Another Fan of the SCD Diet

Introduction: First off, I just wanted to thank everyone else who has posted on this site. Reading all of your stories has helped me tremendously. I thought it was only fair to share my story in return (if you want to skip to the end I’ve written the things which have helped me). My Ulcerative Colitis Story: I was pretty healthy growing up even though… Read More »Another Fan of the SCD Diet

Traveling and the SCD Diet

Introduction: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitus in 2004 (at age 47). Never had any problems before that although upon reflecting I did from time to time feel quite bloated and have abdominal pain particularly after eating a rich or heavy meal. I am currently on no meds and have been on the SCD since November 2010 (was also on SCD for a year in… Read More »Traveling and the SCD Diet