Where to Start – Just Diagnosed with UC

Introduction: Hi! I’m Meghan, 33, mother of two wonderful little girls. Just diagnosed with UC, a little overwhelmed and scared. So lucky to have an amazing, supportive husband by my side. My Symptoms: over the past 4 months I’ve been suffering from severe weight loss, diarrhea, blood and mucus. My Story: I have been suffering from digestive issues since 2008, but I was told it… Read More »Where to Start – Just Diagnosed with UC

What is Going on Feels Like I Got a Fist Up There!

Introduction: I am a 46 yr old woman from England.  I have two wonderful grown up children and a understanding husband.  I was first diagnosed with U C in 1992.  in 1999 I lost my father at the age of 54 with bowel cancer. I had a severe flare in 2000, I was in the hospital 3 weeks or more.  My doctor at the time… Read More »What is Going on Feels Like I Got a Fist Up There!

Scared and Suffering

Introduction: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in December 2010 after suffering for almost a year with symptoms. My Story: In November of 2009 I was suffering from being super constipated. I chalked it up to being on Weight Watchers and eating too many fake fiber bars. I discontinued WW at that point and started on a really stressful project. In January of 2010, I… Read More »Scared and Suffering

I Urge Anyone Suffering with UC to Try This Diet

I was diagnosed with UC (pancolitis) last year after 2 years of being symptomatic and progressivly getting worse. I was very unaware about what this disease was and how it could affect your whole life. I am a 25 year old very socially active woman and this disease almost put me in a dehabilited state. I was scared to go out with friends (especially out… Read More »I Urge Anyone Suffering with UC to Try This Diet