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Fermented Foods – My Sister is All About It!

Hey UC’ers, March 6th, I received a late night facebook message from my sister Laura. The post below about fermented foods has the following: my sister’s message A video from a woman who is a food fermenting expert A recipe for the type of fermented foods I made today And a link to pretty amazing facebook group all about fermented foods And some more good… Read More »Fermented Foods – My Sister is All About It!

The “What’s Up” with Sauerkraut and Digestion

I REALLY THINK ALOT OF YOU (whether you’ve got colitis or not) are going to dig this meal. And let’s start off by agreeing that ALL of our individual systems act differently, poop differently, smell differently…and no two of us are the same in terms of gut bacteria within our colons etc…, but I’m really hoping that food like this can help bring some rock… Read More »The “What’s Up” with Sauerkraut and Digestion