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Medication Domination

My Gastroenterologist believes me to be a moderate to severe sufferer, I have not had any surgeries (knock on whatever happens to be around that resembles wood), and I am “medication compliant” as they say, which basically means out of desperation I obey the doctors.


Meet Amelia: Age 74,female, history of bowel trouble, able to work with it , affected by stressful jobs, food, insomnia, difficulty when visiting,. Had bowel resection 2006 for diverticulitis, would not solve IBS as Dr reminded me Also have IC (take Elmiron, follow diet,mostly) Take Venlafaxine for depression, 75mg, mild dose, Along with increasing urgency, frequency I began to see blood in the stools and… Read More »Discouraged

Living with UC

Introduction: My name is Lynsey. I am 25 years old and was just recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few months ago and am still trying to get it under control. Symptoms: contantly needing the washroom, still have blood in my stool and am constantly tired. Food seems to go right through me. My Story: I was very sick and getting worse and worse all… Read More »Living with UC

Moving Forward

Well, after must procrastination, I made an appointment with my gastro doctor on Monday. I got in to see him today, and I’m really glad I did. I must admit, I don’t like going to the doctor – I’m one of those people who “hopes” and “assumes” things will get better. But after a rather embarrassing incident on Monday (lets just say – I didn’t… Read More »Moving Forward

Salofalk Suppositories at Night for Colitis

Hello I was diagnosed in December 2009 with Ulcerative Colitis. Have been on prednisone and Salofalk since December, at one pred every other day but having a flare up for the last month. See my GI this week, not sure where we will go from there.   Also taking salofalk suppositories at night, but not sure if those are helping. Just reading the website finding lots… Read More »Salofalk Suppositories at Night for Colitis