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Interesting IBD Project From Frankie

Hi UCers, This week, I had a very interesting video interview with Frankie Figueroa, he is working in his PhD final project, and has put thousands of hours into research which will impact many of us living with IBD (for us … ulcerative colitis). You can participate if you were diagnosed in the United States. Watch the video, you will get a good feel for… Read More »Interesting IBD Project From Frankie

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Recent Ulcerative Colitis Research Studies

Today, I did a bit of a look through PubMed (the online database of literally millions of studies and research articles available to anyone), and there were a few interesting full text articles that popped out which I think might be of interest to you. Here is the list of studies and the links to the full text articles should you wish to check them… Read More »Recent Ulcerative Colitis Research Studies

New Science Regarding Ulcerative Colitis

I was researching PubMed today and wanted to post up several studies that have recently been published. Below is a list of several I hope you read and maybe learn something from:) (I’ve included some extracts in a few of them, but the links will take you the full study to read more.) For those of you interested in learning how to use the free… Read More »New Science Regarding Ulcerative Colitis

Diet Related Colitis Studies Published Recently

Good Morning & Evening if you are doing that:)) In the ongoing effort to keep us all informed about colitis related topics, and since so many have a personal interest in diet (OK, not everyone, but quite a few), below are the Study Titles, as well as their associated links so you can read the entire study background and results.  Please send these on to… Read More »Diet Related Colitis Studies Published Recently

Specific Carbohydrate Case Series Published

***(Below is an email I received over the weekend, this kind doctor was my contact several years ago when I was sending in my poop samples via airmail for part of the study, super pumped that he sent this update, and I hope some of you find it interesting and informative as well. – Adam )*** Greetings, I hope this email finds you well. My… Read More »Specific Carbohydrate Case Series Published