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3 years remission Tori Bowes

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Tori has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis since 2010 and along the way she had two separate relapses of symptoms, but she is going on 3 years of remission and feeling great and wants to share her story with you.

Remission is Possible, Even After 17 Years

Meet Joe: I have lived with Ulcerative Colitis for almost 18 years now, and I the past two months have been the most positively interesting part of my journey. Some more about me: I’m from New England, but I hate the snow. However, I would hate to leave! Current Colitis Symptoms: None Remission after Many Years of Active Colitis As a teenager I showed symptoms… Read More »Remission is Possible, Even After 17 Years

There is HOPE…This Is My Happy Story After a Very Long 9 Months

Meet Jessica: Diagnosed April,2012 Started sulfanize, bentyl, and then prednisone a month after being diagnosed. I have been in remission for about a month now, and never thought this day would come. AND: I’m trying to live with UC and make it to my graduation date from college! My Symptoms: I am happy to say that most of my UC symptoms are on the back… Read More »There is HOPE…This Is My Happy Story After a Very Long 9 Months

Remission – Finally

Meet Marko: Hey guys, I’m Marko from Romania and I had my story posted here back in February – . Below is a short summary of my previous post if you don’t want to read it entirely. Marko’s Symptoms: None Marko’s Colitis Story: This is an update. At the time (Feb. 2012) I wasn’t doing bad, but I didn’t feel 100% awesome. Now I… Read More »Remission – Finally

Methotrexate Update

Well, this month marks my 10th anniversary since my first flare-up of pan colitis.  I remember how scary that was – not knowing what was wrong.  It’s hard to believe that it’s now 10 years later and I am about to take my 24th and final dose of methotrexate this week and I have to say that it has really helped my UC. I began back… Read More »Methotrexate Update