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Can People with Proctitis / UC live a long life?

Meet Roxy: Roxy, I believe I have posted 2 years ago before. Here’s an update! Mild UP is back, but mild symptoms fading away on its own after 2 weeks. Nevertheless going Dr to get meds up my butt since I got a colonoscopy yesterday. Some more… Full time mother, and although busy, I love my baby to bits! Symptoms: Proctitis. Very mild. No pain,… Read More »Can People with Proctitis / UC live a long life?

Indeterminate Colitis Proctitis – Eleanor’s Story

Meet Eleanor: Hiya on here for some guidance ans support to my recently diagnosed diseases and help and advice about pain management and urgency I am a single mum of 3 kiddies ans am a mature degree student currently separated from my husband of 3 years Her Colitis Symptoms: Blood mucus urgency to.toilet dry eyes bloating pain in abdomen Eleanor’s Story Hiya I am in… Read More »Indeterminate Colitis Proctitis – Eleanor’s Story

Proctitis UC – What is It, and How to Fix It?

My name is Suzie B. I live in Utah and my daughter has Ulcerative Colitis. Rosemarie is eleven years old and has had UC for nearly 5 years. She are currently taking Sulfasalizine with folic acid. She’s just a kid. How do I go SCD or Paleo and get her enough calories? Trying to go grassfed and organic… sigh… Proctitis UC – What is It,… Read More »Proctitis UC – What is It, and How to Fix It?

Advice for Newly Diagnosed Sufferer

Meet Patricia: Hi I’m Patricia. Diagnosed with UP in April of this year (2014). I am 53 years old and a single mom to an 11 year old very active son. Some more background info: I advocate for animal rights, follow a vegan diet (unsure about continuing this) and foster homeless and abused dogs until they find forever homes. Symptoms: I am no longer in… Read More »Advice for Newly Diagnosed Sufferer

Ulcerative Proctitis Diagnosis

Introduction: I am a 45 year old woman living in the Southwest diagnosed April, 2013 with ulcerative proctitis via colonoscopy and biopsies; also vitamin D deficient, have rosacea, chronic cough/reactive airway, eczema, seasonal allergies. Some more about me: I love art, design, architecture, graphic design, making things ( knitting, jewelry making, sewing, stained glass, pottery, photography ); biking, hiking, snowboarding, tele-skiing. Symptoms: Rectal bleeding stopped… Read More »Ulcerative Proctitis Diagnosis