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Predfoam for Treating Ulcerative Colitis

Another Ulcerative Colitis Story with a Medication Question regarding Predfoam: I was officially diagnosed last week with proctitis and ulcerative colitis. The surgeon then gave me a prescription for Predfoam and Pentasa. I had used Predfoam twice before which had worked quite well as it helped control the bleeding which is the main problem. The problem now is that Predfoam is currently unavailable here in… Read More »Predfoam for Treating Ulcerative Colitis

5 Years with Colitis, No to Prednisone, Hello to SCD

I was Diagnosed with UC 5 years ago. I work at sea on old wooden boats and was a week away from land when the symptoms that we all are familiar with started. Sailing is very physically demanding and as the week went on, I couldn’t eat, had severe stomach ache and was passing basically nothing but blood. When we got to land and i… Read More »5 Years with Colitis, No to Prednisone, Hello to SCD