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Mild UC – Surgery and Uncertainty

Introduction: Hello! My name is Ricky, a 28 year old male diagnosed Feb. 2012 with mild proctosigmoiditis. I am currently living in the UK but heading back home to New Zealand shortly. Hobbies include playing & composing music, fishing, traveling, camping and having a good time! My Symptoms: Loud stomach gurgling every now and then and nothing much else thankfully! My Colitis Story: Hi Guys.… Read More »Mild UC – Surgery and Uncertainty

The Kiwi Colitis Experience – An Ongoing Saga

Ulcerative colitis messed up my degree/academic confidence (BIG TIME), has impacted my social life no end, ground my creative output down to nothing, and, more recently, broke my phone. Oh, colitis… Maria von Trapp seemed to think the very beginning was a “very good place to start”, so let’s do that, then, shall we? Flash back to 2007, for a moment… my last year at… Read More »The Kiwi Colitis Experience – An Ongoing Saga