2 Colitis Questions – Coffee and Mucus

2 Quick Questions I’ve been wondering for some time now but keep forgetting to ask the UC community: 1. I LOVE coffee…It’s my one MUST HAVE on a daily basis. Without it I’m miserable, gives me the little amount of energy I have to get through the day with 3 kids and a household of chores and errands to keep up with. Helps my throat… Read More »2 Colitis Questions – Coffee and Mucus

Highway to Hell

To be honest I don’t even know how I am writing this because I am so weak and sick. Ive been sick now for a while unfortunately beyond the help of drugs,alternative medicines and diet I have even tried silver water. Nothing works! I don’t know how I came to this when I was going so well.It’s like taking 1 step forward and 20 steps… Read More »Highway to Hell

How hardcore?

Well guys it looks like the diet works for me as today I had my first proper bowel movement with not one trace of blood and mucus. I didn’t need the loo at all yesterday and only once so far today. I just find it amazing that in a week a diet did what usually takes months for medication to do. Unbelievable! I will let you… Read More »How hardcore?