Ulcerative Colitis Blues

Meet Yahaira: I was just diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last week and I’m suffering a “flare up”. I’m 27 years old with three kids and two foster kids, and of course I’m devastated…I don’t know anything about UC, don’t know what to do, how to feel, what will happen, and I’m a bit afraid. I’m not looking forward to Jan. 9 (my first gastro. appt.)… Read More »Ulcerative Colitis Blues

Hate Our Toilets At Work – My UC Story

Introduction: I am 40 yrs old Mother of 2 diagnosed with moderately severe pancolitis in Jan 2006. Work full time. Hate our toilets at work as they are cubicles and have gaps at the top and bottom of the wall ( I know you will all understand that one). Over doctors completely. My Symptoms: Started the SCD diet last Dec, working well when I stick… Read More »Hate Our Toilets At Work – My UC Story