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Fearing Moon Face for My Wedding

Meet Krystle: I am 24 year old and was originally diagnosed in October 2009. I was in remission for 3 years until October 2012 when symptoms appeared again. Some more about me: I live in Michigan and am employed as an auditor. I am currently in the hobby of planning a wedding for May 2013. […]

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Twas The Night Before My 1st Remicade Infusion

Introduction: My name is Kyle. I was diagnosed with UC in July 2012. I posted my story on here a couple weeks ago, title “Joined team UC in July… World Rocked in August.” I still have an amazing wife who has stuck by my side through thick and thin. I work in the school district […]

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Prednisone Questions

Introduction: I’m Jessica, a teenager with ulcerative colitis. Currently doing very well and just trying to get my life back on track from an awful flare! My Symptoms: Currently besides side effects from medicine I am symptom free! It’s great! My Story: Hi everyone! I have written a story on this website once before when […]

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What to Expect When Treating UC with Prednisone

Taking steroids for ulcerative colitis is very common.  Most of the other UC patients that I have met have been treating their ulcerative colitis with prednisone at some point in time.  It turns out that prednisone is one of the older drugs that exists for treatment of UC symptoms. Like any medication for any disease, […]

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