“I Have What?”

Introduction: My name is Kristine. I’m an average 30 year old new mom and wife. I live in Milton Ontario Canada. I enjoy camping, running, working out, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and simply being around people I love. I have just given birth two weeks ago to my first child-healthy baby boy. I was diagnosed 4 days ago with ulcerative colitis-not what I was expecting… Read More »“I Have What?”


Introduction: I am a teacher living in Illinois, USA.¬† Have 2 kids and my oldest has Ulcerative Colitis which started as Crohn’s disease. In the past I have been very active, running and doing yoga but now don’t have the energy. I barely have the energy to wake up in the morning Colitis Symptoms: Multiple bowel movements joint pain cramping low energy Deb’s Colitis Story:… Read More »Stagnated

Getting From Good to Great with SCD and Drugs

UC Momma’s Ulcerative Colitis Experience: I’m a 32 year old mom diagnosed with UC in July of this year and started¬† the SCD in late August. I feel much better than when first diagnosed, taking 1 to 4 loose stools a day with some irritation/ inflammation. I’m trying to understand if this is as good as it gets or can remission mean taking one firm… Read More »Getting From Good to Great with SCD and Drugs

My Mom’s Ulcerative Colitis is Getting Bad Again

My mom has had quite the journey through life. A brain aneurysm which resulted in brain surgery, a stroke in which she lost her whole left side (but can now walk again), seizures, breast cancer and now Ulcerative Colitis. My mom has had Ulcerative Colitis for not quite a year, and right now as I type this she is laying in a hospital bed hooked… Read More »My Mom’s Ulcerative Colitis is Getting Bad Again