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Lisa has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few years ago and having trouble managing symptoms and looking for alternative ideas.

Mesalamine Based 5-ASA Meds and Hanneke’s UC – VIDEO

Meet Hanneke. She talks about her 11 years in remission. Hanneke actually wrote: “That’s what my doctor calls it. I do have very minor flare ups and since I have this for so long I feel exactly when it’s coming up. I manage it myself with my meds. I never really go into a full blown flare up. I have colonoscopy/endoscopy every 5 years and things look calm. I am using mesalamine suppositories 500 mg.”

To All the UC’ers With Families

Meet Didem: I’m a 25-year-old microbiologist recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after 6 years of suffering. I like cycling (which I do every chance I get), I love red wine (even though sometimes it hurts me), and I spent all my spare time watching HGTV :) My UC Symptoms Right Now: Occasionally small amounts of blood, urgency, awful and constant diarrhea, bloating and gas. Colitis… Read More »To All the UC’ers With Families

Coming to Terms with Colitis

Introduction: My name is Jo, I am about to turn twenty three and have just been diagnosed. I finished studying Neuropsychology at university last summer and I am very lucky to be in a job I love already. Still live with my parents in England, I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I love going to gigs, painting, reading and walking. Symptoms: Frequently visiting… Read More »Coming to Terms with Colitis

Me and My Ulcerative Colitis from Arabia

You’ve no idea how glad I am to finally find people like me. Bless you all.. I’ve been finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last week after 2 years of endless suffering. I’ve reached to a point where I couldn’t hold it back anymore ( yeah I’m a 24 who craps her pants) and totaled lots of undies!! of course no one knew what was really… Read More »Me and My Ulcerative Colitis from Arabia