Mesalamine Based 5-ASA Meds and Hanneke’s UC – VIDEO

Meet Hanneke. She talks about her 11 years in remission. Hanneke actually wrote: “That’s what my doctor calls it. I do have very minor flare ups and since I have this for so long I feel exactly when it’s coming up. I manage it myself with my meds. I never really go into a full blown flare up. I have colonoscopy/endoscopy every 5 years and things look calm. I am using mesalamine suppositories 500 mg.”

Brand New Member to the Ulcerative Colitis Club: Rebeka

I’m 24 years old and I was just diagnosed a little over three weeks ago. Ulcerative Colitis, but the GI didn’t rule out Crohn’s 100%. Still feeling sick and confused. I have had two episodes of bad diarrhea in 2009 and I sort of felt, that something was wrong. The doctors didn’t think it was anything other than a stomach flu. They prescribed me some… Read More »Brand New Member to the Ulcerative Colitis Club: Rebeka

My Drugs

okay, today is March 8, 2010 and I have now added another drug to my list of medications I’ve taken, as well as another drug they’ll be giving me in the coming months. I thought I would type out a list of all my drugs to better give an idea of what some people might expect to be on at some point. Mesalamine or Asacol/Pentasa/Lialda: … Read More »My Drugs