Never Come Off the Medications (On Your Own)

Introduction: I’m a 21 year old college student. I was diagnosed with UC – pancolitis – early this year in January. Almost went into remission when I stopped my meds. Worst decision ever. Will never do that again. Symptoms: Currently my symptoms are: urgency, frequency (3-5 times a day) My Story: Hey guys and girls,I am 21 years old. I’m a senior in college. I… Read More »Never Come Off the Medications (On Your Own)

Ulcerative Colitis, is my life over?

And what did our survey say…………..NOPERS! Now time to play a game, it’s called ask yourself some questions, and then come up with your answers. I’ll go first: Question 1: Do you have any good friends with ulcerative colitis? My Answer: Nope Question 2: Did you freak out when they put the IV in your arm before the colonoscopy? My Answer: Yep Question 3: Did… Read More »Ulcerative Colitis, is my life over?