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Newly Diagnosed with UC, Pregnant, and Overwhelmed

Introduction to Liz: I’m a 29 year old female, diagnosed in April 2012 while pregnant with my first child, attempting to maintain my full time position in an office 90 minutes away without losing my mind or my baby. Colitis Symptoms Right Now: Horrible cramping and loose stools, only occasional blood after very bad days (hoping it’s hemorrhoids and not UC bleeding anymore).On a good… Read More »Newly Diagnosed with UC, Pregnant, and Overwhelmed


Introduction: I am a teacher living in Illinois, USA.  Have 2 kids and my oldest has Ulcerative Colitis which started as Crohn’s disease. In the past I have been very active, running and doing yoga but now don’t have the energy. I barely have the energy to wake up in the morning Colitis Symptoms: Multiple bowel movements joint pain cramping low energy Deb’s Colitis Story:… Read More »Stagnated

High Points Exist – Lialda Has Worked the Best for Me

Update: Diagnosed in January.  Now in Full Remission Only one year ago I was battling with a severe flare up that led to my diagnosis. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and my job was starting to put added pressure on me due to the holidays. My first hospital visit kept me from a normal new years celebration and I learned nothing… Read More »High Points Exist – Lialda Has Worked the Best for Me

There is Hope

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2007 after a very stressful couple years of nursing school, getting married and buying a house. I was started on prednisone 40mg which was tapered off and colazol 9 pills a day. after a tough year i finally was under control. a few years ago my GI switched me to Lialda which is only 2 pills a day.… Read More »There is Hope