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joint pains

99 Person Colitis Joint Pains Survey

 The “Colitis Joint Pains” Survey data is complete, and you can read all of it below.  (There’s even a few poems at the bottom!) This survey was a total of 8 questions, and it had our biggest turnout to date with 100 people responding.  Because 1 of the respondents answered “No” to question #1, that person’s response was removed from the rest of the data. … Read More »99 Person Colitis Joint Pains Survey

Joint Pain Remedies

Introduction: Father of 4 and husband of one awesome lady. Web developer / programmer with lots of life to live and doesn’t need UC cramping my style. 43 years old and had IBS since college and diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2001. Joint Pain Remedies for Colitis: I’ve been looking for a solution to my joint pain. Seems to be pretty common among UC’ers. My… Read More »Joint Pain Remedies