Recently Diagnosed -Need Help- What Happens With Your Job?

Introduction: Hi, I’m Polly. I’m 27. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I got married in Sept. 2011, I was diagnosed with UC in Dec. 2011. I was shocked by the diagnosis, as I follow an extremely healthy lifestyle. For my UC, I see a chiropractor who has helped lots of people with UC. He is all about healing the source of the problem (colon),… Read More »Recently Diagnosed -Need Help- What Happens With Your Job?

At a Crossroads In Life

I Might Have Ulcerative Colitis, Just Not Sure Yet Where do I begin. I am writing this as a way to vent I guess. I am at a crossroads and do not know what to do. My dream for many years has been to be a Special Agent with the Secret Service. Two years ago with my wife’s blessing I applied. She was very supportive.… Read More »At a Crossroads In Life