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Farts and Arts

Introduction: Hey everyone. I posted a very hopeful story on Adam’s awesome site almost a year ago along with some UC inspired artwork… Im not writing to vent about my symptoms today because i dont have any (awesome), everything has been normal with the exception of a week long flare after a week of fairly heavy celebratory boozing for a reunion with friends…my dilemma is… Read More »Farts and Arts

6 Years Later And Finally Inflammation-Free

Meet Cameron: I am a 23-year old male who is passionate about education, wellness, and culture. I am a certified teacher and am currently looking for full-time work. My Symptoms: None. My Story: I am sharing my story on one of the best days of my life thus far; I just returned from a routine colonoscopy, and for the first time since I was diagnosed… Read More »6 Years Later And Finally Inflammation-Free

No End In Sight

Introduction: Wrote once before about my son who has severe UC. It had been 1 1/2 years since on set of UC. He has been on Apriso, Imuran, suppositories, prednisone for almost this entire time, each time working his way down on predinose, getting below 15 and UC getting worse each try. Starting back on 40 again. Now they have put him on Humira, 40… Read More »No End In Sight

Medicine or Not? I’m Wondering About Imuran…

Introduction: I had 3 colonoscopies with 3 different doctors all under 1 year from 2007 to 2008. 2008 is when I got my uc diagnosis. It was mild and I was on lialda but I took myself off cuz I felt better. Now its moderate to severe. My Ulcerative Colitis Experience: I go see my nurse practioner tomorrow to discuss going on Imuran. I eventually… Read More »Medicine or Not? I’m Wondering About Imuran…