Introducing Charis from Full Frontal Ostomy

HEY UC’ers, With a great idea from another IBD site, I’m really pumped about a new addition to this site.  Basically, it’s real simple:  there are some incredible people living with GI diseases who also make time to share their experiences on their own websites other than right here.  And, some of you old-time followers might even recognize our first featured blogger.   Charis has… Read More »Introducing Charis from Full Frontal Ostomy

My Upcoming Colectomy Surgery

So after many months waiting and trying to get funding and paperwork ready for surgery…. it’s finally come together.  I haven’t been writing much because things have basically been the same – cramps, blood, joint pain, etc. But as of today, May 5, 2010 I am now ready to schedule the J-Pouch surgery and colectomy and ileostomy and be able to document it and detail… Read More »My Upcoming Colectomy Surgery