My trip to the ASPCA

I had to share this story with some people who could understand and maybe even help. My boyfriend and I are toying with the idea of getting a pet. We went to the ASPCA yesterday to look at the puppies And cats. I accidentally fell in love with a beautiful cat named Cupcake. I say accidentally because I don’t really live in a pet-friendly building… Read More »My trip to the ASPCA

The Signs of My Ulcerative Colitis

This is something that I don’t talk about very much, but it is very important.  In a nutshell, I probably waited 5 or 6 years and suffered with Ulcerative Colitis before I really did anything.  The biggest mistake of my life in-fact.  But its true. I can remember finally telling my wife that the reason I was taking so long in the bathroom was because… Read More »The Signs of My Ulcerative Colitis