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Jamie’s story: part 2

I turned 21 in August 2003. I was still in remission at that point. I always had my colitis in the back of my mind after I thought it was gone but didn’t really think about it all of the time. December 2003 came. I remember going to the bathroom one night and seeing blood in […]

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3rd Remicade Infusion and Frustration

I had my third Remicade infusion on Friday last week, 3/26. It actually wasn’t the coolest experience since I had a reaction within an hour of it starting. The Benadryl made me feel awful the first time I took it, so I had half the amount for my second infusion, and a ¼ the amount […]

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Welcome to My World

hey everyone. my name is Ash and I have ulcerative colitis – or to be more specific, pancolitis – which means my entire large intestine is diseased. I’ve had every medication and experienced and tried almost everything known for the disease.  here’s my story. I was diagnosed back in February 2006.  some people have symptoms […]

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