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shy and colitis no more

Stuck Inside

As I am am sitting in the hospital room, on which is day 3, of this depressing, terrifying and humbling experience, I debated on even writing a post; especially since my husband is the writer in the family. The thing is that this disease is isolating. I just happened to be web searching about UC; which is all you can do when you are stuck inside; when I came across this site. I found it to be comforting to know that people have and are experiencing the same stuff as me.

When Do You Go to the Hospital?

Introduction: 43 year female, full-time employed, married, 2 children 14 and 3. Never had any stomach/intestinal problems before. This is REALLY effecting my life, constantly worried that a bathroom is available UC Symptoms: bloody stool, mucus, urgency, bloating Officially diagnosed with UC in 2008 (after giving birth to my second child) after the first colonoscopy but the GI doctor suspected it in 2007 during my… Read More »When Do You Go to the Hospital?

Newly Diagnosed and Wondering If I’m Having Another Flare Up?

Intro: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in June 2011. Still feeling symptoms and minor flare ups and trying to handle having UC mentally. My Story and Questions: I’ve always had stomach problems since I can remember and have been sensitive to certain foods. I always chalked it up to having a “sensitive stomach” and didn’t really think it was anything serious. In October 2008,… Read More »Newly Diagnosed and Wondering If I’m Having Another Flare Up?