There is HOPE…This Is My Happy Story After a Very Long 9 Months

Meet Jessica: Diagnosed April,2012 Started sulfanize, bentyl, and then prednisone a month after being diagnosed. I have been in remission for about a month now, and never thought this day would come. AND: I’m trying to live with UC and make it to my graduation date from college! My Symptoms: I am happy to say that most of my UC symptoms are on the back… Read More »There is HOPE…This Is My Happy Story After a Very Long 9 Months

10 Years with UC and I’m Filled with HOPE

Kayla has been living with ulcerative colitis for 10 years now, and after a long journey so far, she is once again filled with hope for her future and the future of others living with this difficult disease. For anyone who needs an uplifting view from a 10 year UC vet, you should listen to what Kayla has to say!

ATTN: People Feeling Like UC Has/Will Consume Your Life

Introduction to the Artist Jim: I was diagnosed this past June with Ulcerative Pan-colitis. Suffered a major flare all summer long. Started feeling better at the end of august and was able to return to school. 3 months into school and finally in complete remission after being on Immuran for 4 months.   Jim’s Incredible UC Story: Hello fellow sufferers.  I’m writing this to try… Read More »ATTN: People Feeling Like UC Has/Will Consume Your Life

Things That Work for Ulcerative Colitis

Introduction: I am female, 37 (although feel 23), athletic (training for my first marathon!) and active. I love love love being outside and enjoying the place I live in which provides me with an amazing lifestyle. Needless to say, having UC disrupted that. But only temporarily. My Story: First off, I just want to say the purpose of my story is to provide hope. Because… Read More »Things That Work for Ulcerative Colitis

Searching For Hope

I was always the poster child of perfect health, and it wasn’t until living in Morocco at 19 that I had any symptoms. Ironically living in Chile earlier and traveling South America, I was completely unscathed. And even then I only had some abdominal pain and some blood. Upon returning to the US my doctor immediately assumed parasites since I had been abroad, and though… Read More »Searching For Hope