Roids…Not Muscle Man Roids…The Other Ones

What is a UC’er to do? And we’re talking about hemorrhoids. Below is an email that one of the site’s followers sent this past week, and they requested input or ideas from the rest of us (meaning you:). Here it is: Hey, Adam. I’ve a question for you and your readers having to do with ‘roids. No. Not the steroid therapies everyone with UC has… Read More »Roids…Not Muscle Man Roids…The Other Ones

Back and Forth

Intro: Hello everyone, I am currently enlisted in the Air Force and had a flare start up about a month ago. So I contacted the military GI and he had me come in right away. once I got there he sat me down, asked about my symptoms and proceeded to change my medication, told me to give it a week. It has been almost a… Read More »Back and Forth