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Jessica’s Day 53 on SCD Update News

Hello to my fellow UCers! Just wanted to update everyone on my progress. I am still following SCD strictly and i’m currently day 53 of the diet! I still feel great with no symptoms of UC. I can’t even say i’ve had a bad day recently. Everything in my colon seems to be happy! This weekend I am going camping and had to do a bit of… Read More »Jessica’s Day 53 on SCD Update News


I’ve been trying another sort of diet thing the past couple of weeks.  I have tried every diet possible and none have ever worked for me… but lately I’ve been eating really bland, boring foods… think soups, chicken sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, pasta… basically anything that is soft and easy to digest.  So far it’s kind of worked, and I’m feeling a little better!! Now having… Read More »Hope!