flare up

Constant Pain, Blood and Depression with Ulcerative Colitis

Diagnosed in 1998. This is my 3rd hospital stay with a flare-up. they get worse each time. Solumedrol worked before, but is not doing the trick this time. Constant pain, blood, depression, you know the drill. Can’t take pain meds so i can be lucid enough to run to the toilet 40 times each day. been here a week now. Considering upping solumedrol again, remicade,… Read More »Constant Pain, Blood and Depression with Ulcerative Colitis

How hardcore?

Well guys it looks like the diet works for me as today I had my first proper bowel movement with not one trace of blood and mucus. I didn’t need the loo at all yesterday and only once so far today. I just find it amazing that in a week a diet did what usually takes months for medication to do. Unbelievable! I will let you… Read More »How hardcore?