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fecal transplant

I Am Going to Beat UC – Fecal Transplant or Jpouch

Hey everyone, my name is Kaitlin and I am an 18 year old college student with UC. I have dealt with this disease for 4 years, and I’m about to get rid of it for good… hopefully Colitis Symptoms Right Now: Extreem Urgency Occasional Bloody Stool Cramps Joint Pain (mainly in my knees) Loss of Appetite Colitis Story: It all started when I was 14… Read More »I Am Going to Beat UC – Fecal Transplant or Jpouch

What My Gastro Doctor Told Me

I’ll Be Dangged, It’s been a week already since my last post called The Gastro Doctor Rap.  I’m sorry to say, but no video this week, but another’s coming soon so hang in there. So to do a quick recap, I had a pretty incredible doctor’s visit two weeks ago now, with a great gastroenterologist near where I live.  The city of Oakland, California to… Read More »What My Gastro Doctor Told Me