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My Road to Crohn’s Diagnosis

Bio: 43 years old. Married and mother of three. I am a healthcare provider. Live in Florida. I was recently diagnosed with UC/Crohn’s after years of dealing with multiple symptoms. Symptoms: I am doing great right now since started the remicade. My Story: Hi, my name is Aimee and I have got so much good information from this site that I felt it was my… Read More »My Road to Crohn’s Diagnosis

Acceptance, Embarrassed, and Feeling Frustrated

Introduction: I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis back in July of 2011 and didn’t take it too seriously in the beginning because didn’t realize what a flare up was, just thought I had to use the restroom a lot was the extent of this disease.  I’m 27 years old living in Maui, HI. My current Symptoms: Inflammation, abdominal pain, uncomfortable, blood, urgency, fatigue My UC… Read More »Acceptance, Embarrassed, and Feeling Frustrated

I Need Some Help, I Am Was Just Diagnosed with Colitis

Hi, my name is Holly, I am 47 and just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis on Saturday 3rd Dec, having had Irritable Bowel Syndrome since my teens, and suffering from all the pain associated with it. When I was 23 I cam down with M.E (Chronic Fatigue) and have been very ill bed ridden for 3 years, Food Intolerances etc, tried loads of therapies and… Read More »I Need Some Help, I Am Was Just Diagnosed with Colitis

Just Diagnosed with UC This Week

First off: for those people who have been dealing with UC for years, allow me to give you a standing “O” (or in my case a sitting, grunting AAAaahhh). I was diagnosed with UC this week and it has been the most painful, gut wrenching, fatigue inducing experience of my whole life. I’m starting to believe this condition is just as mental as it is… Read More »Just Diagnosed with UC This Week