erythema nodosum

Has Anyone Experienced Erythema Nodosum or Something Similar?

I was diagnosed with proctitis and left lower colitis 15 years ago and for the most part had only occasional flares that resolved on their own. After a 3 month flare in 2008 I took Low Dose Naltrexone and it put me in remission for over 2 years. The disease is only the lower 8 inches (rectum and 3.5 inches of colon). During my colonoscopy last week the doctor said it looks “very angry in there”.

Extraintestinal Manifestations from Inflammatory Bowel Disease

WHAT UP UC’ERS: Earlier today, I noticed that a longtime writer of the website named Angie, posted a story where she mentioned some eye problems she’s dealing with.  And she wanted to know if this type of thing could be related to her ulcerative colitis.  And of course there’s a never ending list of website information if you do a google search on that topic,… Read More »Extraintestinal Manifestations from Inflammatory Bowel Disease

My Colitis and Getting Diagnosed with Erythema Nodosum

Introduction: Hi.i was diagnosed with uc about two months after I had my first child, which was about five years ago now. I’m from London. I enjoy spending time with my family. My Symptoms: Currently I am not too bad but am struggling to keep my colitis under control.looking at trying new dietary options and keeping a diary of everything. Colitis Story: At the beginning… Read More »My Colitis and Getting Diagnosed with Erythema Nodosum