Scared and Suffering

Introduction: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in December 2010 after suffering for almost a year with symptoms. My Story: In November of 2009 I was suffering from being super constipated. I chalked it up to being on Weight Watchers and eating too many fake fiber bars. I discontinued WW at that point and started on a really stressful project. In January of 2010, I… Read More »Scared and Suffering

My Drugs

okay, today is March 8, 2010 and I have now added another drug to my list of medications I’ve taken, as well as another drug they’ll be giving me in the coming months. I thought I would type out a list of all my drugs to better give an idea of what some people might expect to be on at some point. Mesalamine or Asacol/Pentasa/Lialda: … Read More »My Drugs