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Ulcerative Colitis DENIAL

Meet Amy: Diagnosed with UC in May 2012. 41yrs old. Own and operate a Pilates studio, artist,bike rider, dog and cat lover, reader of everything. used to love food and wine…not so much anymore. The Symptoms Amy’s Going Through: abdominal cramps, headaches, pain with bm and bloating. Amy’s UC Story: My UC story started a few years ago when I started having strange auto-immune symptoms… Read More »Ulcerative Colitis DENIAL

Sick of Wiping My Arse!!

Background on Princess Poo: I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 10 months ago. Sometime after that I found this site and have been reading bits and pieces that other sufferers have posted. My Colitis Story: About 2 months ago there was a mix up on my diagnoses and my GP advised me that I actually didn’t have UC! Being extremely relieved I decided to… Read More »Sick of Wiping My Arse!!

How to Handle a Colitis Flare

If you have ulcerative colitis, you very well may have a whole bunch of colitis flares along the way(but don’t you worry). After being diagnosed with UC in October of 2008, I have officially learned that a colitis flare may come up from time to time (even when I thought I had found the save all diet solution with the SCD diet plan…symptom and medication… Read More »How to Handle a Colitis Flare