I WANT Your Ulcerative Colitis Comments and Feedback

Hello I’m Rick 41 from Wisconsin. Just diagnosed with UC Dec. 29th 2011. I have been through a lot with the death of my wife and raising my kids, but now it time for me to ask why?? Help Me Out with this Ulcerative Colitis: As you read I was recently diagnosed, I have 2 words for this…why me?  Everyone has stories, well here is… Read More »I WANT Your Ulcerative Colitis Comments and Feedback

SCD Not Working For Me

I am a 30 Year old Male with Colitis and Celiac Disease. The SCD Diet is not working for me. I’m on day 19 and I’m frustrated. Pooped 22 times yesterday! My Current State of Colitis: Hello Everybody,I am in the middle of the worst flare so far of my ulcerative colitis lifetime. It’s only the second flare I’ve had with ulcerative colitis so I… Read More »SCD Not Working For Me