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Me and My Crohn’s – Year 7

It’s crazy to think that It’s been 7 years since I got diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, some of the moments I remember like they were yesterday, some of them, I think my brain has tucked back into a hidden place never to surface again. Oh yeah, my name is Kyle, I am a 35-year-old […]

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My Road to Crohn’s Diagnosis

Bio: 43 years old. Married and mother of three. I am a healthcare provider. Live in Florida. I was recently diagnosed with UC/Crohn’s after years of dealing with multiple symptoms. Symptoms: I am doing great right now since started the remicade. My Story: Hi, my name is Aimee and I have got so much good […]

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21 Year Old With Crohn’s Disease

I’m Susan.  Both my husband and son have inflammatory bowel disease. My husband has Crohn’s disease which was diagnosed when he was a teenager. They thought his initial attack was appendicitis and when they operated, saw it was Crohn’s and did a resection at that time. When our first child of four was a toddler, […]

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Intestinal Blockage From Crohn’s Disease

My Background: I am 52 year old female, diagnosed with Crohn’s 33 yrs ago, went through the hospitalizations, , and other meds for 3 yrs. Very blessed to have had long remissions, and on no meds for over 10 yrs. Suddenly 3 mo. ago had terrible abdominal pain. No diahrrhea, but constipation. Cat scan shows […]

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