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humira rash on legs

Side Effects from Humira

First of all, thank you for coming to this website.  I really enjoy receiving emails and messages from the wide range of people who visit these posts. Back in January of 2009 I was started on Remicade.  This is a drug which you take via an infusion, and it is approved by the FDA for Ulcerative Colitis.  For me, I traveled down to the PAMF… Read More »Side Effects from Humira

Gluten Free Pizza For Dinner Tonight

Has anyone tried eating a gluten free pizza with Ulcerative  Colitis? Well, tonight, we decided to do a little test.  Actually, we did this about two months ago and things worked out alright, no side effects from the pizza, but this is going to be a very rare occasion either way.  Back in the old days, I ate way too much pizza, plenty to last… Read More »Gluten Free Pizza For Dinner Tonight

The Medical Protocol – Here are some sample drugs, go ahead and try them

If am wondering if anyone has a theory on why doctors prescribe the drugs they do after or before someone is diagnosed with ulcerative colitis? Has anyone reading this blog attended gastroenterology school and been taught the “best practices” for treating a new UC patient? If so, please, please respond. If you are a patient, please feel free to answer this question that I have… Read More »The Medical Protocol – Here are some sample drugs, go ahead and try them

My Favorite Breakfast

I can’t say enough about my morning breakfast.  Back in the days when I was going through 10-20 bathroom breaks per day, I was always wondering what to have for breakfast to start the day.  Well, let me tell you about what I do every morning.  It is really really simple. One banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, some peanut butter, and some natural OJ(not from… Read More »My Favorite Breakfast