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Natural Solutions – Homepath Experience from Allison

I decided to submit my story when I saw Adam’s facebook post requesting more stories involving naturopaths/homeopathic experiences. I am 30 years old and was diagnosed about a year ago. I have a mildly stressful job as a customer service rep but can at least leave most of my stress at work. I was diagnosed with IBS at 16 but my symptoms were occasional where… Read More »Natural Solutions – Homepath Experience from Allison

My UC New Years Resolution

It seems that my symptoms have lessened since seeing the chiropractor and changing my diet! Find out what Evan is up to right now in terms of treating his UC, find out what has and has not worked for him in his recently published story

Recently Diagnosed -Need Help- What Happens With Your Job?

Introduction: Hi, I’m Polly. I’m 27. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I got married in Sept. 2011, I was diagnosed with UC in Dec. 2011. I was shocked by the diagnosis, as I follow an extremely healthy lifestyle. For my UC, I see a chiropractor who has helped lots of people with UC. He is all about healing the source of the problem (colon),… Read More »Recently Diagnosed -Need Help- What Happens With Your Job?