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2012 Colitis Camping - Video Included

2012 Colitis Camping – Video Included

Adam camping with troutHey there UC’ers of the world,

I hope you all have a few laughs with this years Colitis Camping Video that’s down at the bottom of this post, but most importantly, there’s a few serious messages that I hope seep in too.

I’ve learned a ton ( or should I just say CRAPLOAD) from everyone who uses the website, and especially from those of you who write me emails about your UC, your son’s/daughter’s UC, or your boyfriends colitis symptoms etc… And although after 30-50 emails per day and sometimes more, I often think I’ve heard it all about … Read the rest

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Colitis Cooking Camping

Colitis Cooking Camping

Adam from ihaveucHi Everyone,  (the video is below, but please read this first)

It’s good old Adam here and yes indeed E dodo, I have good old ulcerative colitis just like you.  But, as my 3 year anniversary since my diagnosis is coming near, I’m happy to say that all is under control and life is moving on in a normal happy way.  I know many of the people who are visiting this site for your first time today are coming here looking for answers to all your questions about UC, and thankfully, the thousands of other UC’ers who visit this site … Read the rest

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Jessica's Day 53 on SCD Update News

Jessica’s Day 53 on SCD Update News

Hello to my fellow UCers!

Just wanted to update everyone on my progress.

I am still following SCD strictly and i’m currently day 53 of the diet! I still feel great with no symptoms of UC. I can’t even say i’ve had a bad day recently. Everything in my colon seems to be happy!
This weekend I am going camping and had to do a bit of prep work so that I have a lot of available legal foods.
Here is a list of what i’m bringing:

– steaks
– chicken drumsticks
– eggs
– scd legal bacon
– apple … Read the rest

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