One Vodka and 3 Craps

Hey Everyone with Colitis, This must be the third or fourth post now on the site on the idea of “What’s the deal of Alcohol being OK for UC” And I wanted to share a quick experience. I have been taking 1-2 symptom free craps for about two weeks now.  Yesterday, I drank ONE vodka soda.  (If you have been keeping updated with me, I… Read More »One Vodka and 3 Craps

Elite Athlete with Ulcerative Colitis

I’m pretty happy I found this website as it is the most positive website I’ve found about ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed a year ago and I spent too much time reading very negative and depressing accounts by people struggling with ulcerative colitis. This is just not the best path for someone who is newly diagnosed – especially if like me you have to wait… Read More »Elite Athlete with Ulcerative Colitis