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Apple Cider Vinegar – Might Help You

How are You? I’ve got a little bit of news, maybe even a tip you might use as well. I’ve made a very mild addition to my colitis treatment about 3 weeks ago.  Nothing major, and it’s looking to cost me about $4 more per month, so it’s not breaking the bank for sure. I’ve started taking a tiny tiny swig of apple cider vinegar… Read More »Apple Cider Vinegar – Might Help You

Banana Colitis Muffins

You can still eat muffins with Ulcerative Colitis Sure you Can, Just with a new twist I definitely can’t take full credit for this recipe, this recipe comes from Paul from, and here is a link to the muffin recipe in its original form.  I did everything he asked, but instead of using the yogurt, I used two banana’s instead. Turned out great. Here… Read More »Banana Colitis Muffins