Ready for Remicade?

This Friday morning I am scheduled for my every 8 week Remicade treatment. Remicade aka infliximab is a immune modulator that is used to treat Crohn’s and Ulceratice colitis as well as many other types of auto-immune diseases. It is a humanized monoclonal antibody for TNF alpha made from mouse protein. TNF alpha is part of the body’s immune response system that causes inflammation. So,… Read More »Ready for Remicade?

How Fast Does Remicade Work for Colitis

Infliximab also known as Remicade is a drug that is used to fight autoimmune diseases, and many ulcerative colitis patients know it rather well. In the drugs early days in the late 1990’s the drug was approved by the FDA to treat Crohn’s disease patients and in 2005 Remicade was also approved to treat UC patients. So, in the long history of drugs around the… Read More »How Fast Does Remicade Work for Colitis

Why does My Colon Bleed, Is it Ulcerative Colitis?

From the very beginning, I think everyone who is diagnosed with ulcerative colitis wants to find out how to get rid of the symptoms and get back to a normal life, and FAST.  And who wouldn’t?  Especially after you have been dealing with the symptoms for probably a long time and seeing your quality of life going downhill.   Although I was bleeding pretty badly for… Read More »Why does My Colon Bleed, Is it Ulcerative Colitis?