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No End In Sight

Introduction: Wrote once before about my son who has severe UC. It had been 1 1/2 years since on set of UC. He has been on Apriso, Imuran, suppositories, prednisone for almost this entire time, each time working his way down on predinose, getting below 15 and UC getting worse each try. Starting back on 40 again. Now they have put him on Humira, 40… Read More »No End In Sight

Struggles with Military, Doctors and Weather

Struggles with Doctors Hi, I wrote in a while back. I’m the guy that was deployed w/ Ulcerative Colitis symptoms. I got back and was diagnosed w/ UC. I had a terrible Dr, the medical group on base has since found me a new outstanding Dr. in another town. Previous Doc had starts me on apriso and prednisone. Turns out he documented things incorrectly, didn’t… Read More »Struggles with Military, Doctors and Weather