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One Vodka and 3 Craps

Hey Everyone with Colitis, This must be the third or fourth post now on the site on the idea of “What’s the deal of Alcohol being OK for UC” And I wanted to share a quick experience. I have been taking 1-2 symptom free craps for about two weeks now.  Yesterday, I drank ONE vodka soda.  (If you have been keeping updated with me, I… Read More »One Vodka and 3 Craps

Can You Drink Alcohol When Colitis is Acting Up?

Fair Enough Question Right? Can you DRINK ALCOHOL for your flared up Ulcerative Colitis? If you are someone like most of the world who enjoys a nice cold beverage, or even a nice alcoholic room temperature beverage from time to time or maybe more than that, and you have UC, surely you’ve asked this question before.  I know I sure have.  Let me start by… Read More »Can You Drink Alcohol When Colitis is Acting Up?