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Leukocytapheresis - Say what?

Leukocytapheresis – Say what?

I once whipped that out on a GI specialist that I had gone to see for a second opinion.  She responded : “You must know a lot about ulcerative colitis if you know about that”.  I said: “Yeah, I am geek.   I know about the worm study too.”  I had gone for a second opinion […]

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Humira Drug Information

Some More Details on Humira: I was cleaning out the medicine cabinet today, and besides throwing out some old bottles of prednisone, azathioprine, and hydrocodine, I came across the “Drug Counseling Information” for Humira.  This counseling came with the monthly overnight shipment of Humira from the drug company that was contracted to sell it to […]

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humira rash on legs

Side Effects from Humira

First of all, thank you for coming to this website.  I really enjoy receiving emails and messages from the wide range of people who visit these posts. Back in January of 2009 I was started on Remicade.  This is a drug which you take via an infusion, and it is approved by the FDA for […]

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