Survey for UC’ers Who Have Had Covid-19

Survey’s seem to be a pretty simple way to spread some information from our community of Ulcerative Colitis people around the world.

And, there have been quite a few requests after the last covid-19 vaccine survey to have a survey centered around UC’ers who have come down with Covid-19 and who have gotten past it. Specifically, people who are wondering what to expect and if there are any changes needed with medications or other aspects of life to be changed while having UC and Covid at the same time.

So please take a moment and check out the survey below, it is specifically for people WHO HAVE BEEN positively diagnosed with Covid-19, which will hopefully make the responses from the target group.

And of course, a very big Thank You to anyone who has gotten past this virus and is able to share your experience, its very valuable to hear from you and I hope you are doing well.

I will post the answers to the survey below soon, and I’ll make sure to send a notification out to all the members of the free newsletter so you can be updated on this information.

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