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Surgery (antibiotics) and Concerned about a UC Flare Up


I am a 38 year old mom of two beautiful kiddos, who was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in the spring of 2011. I am currently trying to follow the SCDiet and use 1,000 mg of Canasa suppositories. I was on prednisone for a month and a half (began with 20 mg, down to 10, then to 5mg). It helped somewhat, but not completely. The doctor then wanted to do a flexible sigmoidscopy, and if I had a flare he would prescribe Imuran. After reading the side effects and realizing that the last time he had performed a flexible sig… I had been on remission, but the symptoms returned. I am unsure if it was the fleet enemas for the preparation or the actual sigmoidscope. So…I told the nurse that I was going to hold off on the sigmoidscopy and try the SCD. I also tried the vitamin E enemas, but it did not help. I have an appointment with a guy in Portland, OR for a Fecal Transplant on Monday. My goal is to definitely try natural treatment befor e getting on harsh medications.


My current symptoms include mucous, blood, gas, and at times loose stool and other times somewhat solid.

Surgery and Antibiotics and Concerns About a Colitis Flare Up:

My biggest concern is for my children, in that I hope they do not get this tormenting illness. Nobody in my family has or has ever had inflammatory bowel diseases. My grandmother got Type II diabetes (at an old age) and my mother has rheumatoid arthritis, which are both autoimmune illnesses. Before getting diagnosed I was eating insurmountable amount of sugar. I also tried a cleanse a couple of months before having my symptoms, so at times I wonder if both of those two factors caused my ulcerative colitis.

As mentioned earlier, I am looking into having a fecal transplant and was thinking of using my three year old daughter. I have heard that it is better to use an adult for a fecal transplant due to more bacteria, etc. Hopefully I can get some questions answered on Monday when I meet with the doctor. He did mention that he does not use antibiotics prior to doing the fecal transplant, and it sounds as if this is somewhat new to him.

Anyway, I am concerned because I am going to have an elective surgery and the doctor uses antibiotics to prevent infection. Of course this is a big concern to me since I have read that antibiotics disturb the flora in the intestines and may cause a flare. The doctor said he would use them only the day of surgery, but would need to use more if redness or sign of infection was occurring. Of course, the stress of having surgery does not help, so at times I wonder if this is worth it and if I should follow through with it.

My Questions:

Has anyone had surgery with antibiotics

and did the UC get worse after the surgery?

What could be done to prevent a flare

after surgery if antibiotics are used?

Are there alternatives to antibiotics?

Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

Colitis Medications:

Canasa 1,000 mg-worked at first, but after flexible sigmoidscopy a flare occurred.
Prednisone–helped some with inflammation, but did not put in remission.
Vitamin E enemas–did not work at all.

written by Pita

for more information about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet – Click here





5 thoughts on “Surgery (antibiotics) and Concerned about a UC Flare Up”

  1. Hi Pita,

    I wish I had an answer to your question. I do know that antibiotics are really bad, especially for we UC sufferers. They seem to be everywhere, and used for everything.

    I am very interested in the fecal transplant as well. I am waiting for a doctor to call me as we speak, so that I can have the procedure done too. I don’t know about children versus adults as donors, but what you said makes sense. I also wasn’t aware that antibiotics are used in the prep. I hope my specialist doesn’t want to use them. At least if they have to be used in the prep for the bacteriotherapy, they are counteracting them with the actual good bacteria, right? In your elective surgery, however, perhaps discuss with the doctor, your taking lots of probiotics either before the surgery, or after.

    That’s all you can do, right? The best of evetything to you, and welcome!!


    1. Hi Bev,

      Did you find out about the FT? When are you planning on doing it? I met with Dr. Davis in Portland and he is fabulous. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I did talk with the surgeon and he is only using one dose of antibiotics via IV, not via mouth; therefore, I don’t think it will affect my UC.

      Dr. Davis said a child’s colon flora develops fully by age two and my daughter would be a good donor. He recommended I begin treatment after my surgery, so I am going to hold off. Thank you for the probiotic idea, I will do that for sure.

      If you do go through with the FT before me, I would like to hear how it is went or how it’s going. Take care Bev…and I wish you good health.


    2. Bev, could you please let me know how the fecal transplant goes and the time commitment to it. I would be willing to fly my son anywhere in the states his GI Dr. says its not done around here and it really is for C-Diff. We live in CT Thanks and hope things work out for you. Pam

  2. Hi Pita,

    Here’s my two cents for what they’re worth –

    Regarding the antibiotics, I can tell you that I was on antibiotics for a UTI for seven days shortly after my UC diagnosis and it was not good. My stomach was upset all the time and I had no appetite. It was so bad that right now, even though I suspect I may have strep throat, I’m not going in for a culture for fear of being put on antibiotics again!

    Regarding using your daughter as a donor, I don’t know much about fecal transplants but I do know about being a mom with UC. My children are really traumatized when I’m sick. If your three-year-old would have to undergo any testing or preparation, it could be very stressful for her and, in turn, for you. I think I have PTSD from having to collect my own stool samples …. i can’t imagine how my children would deal with that. I have read that there is no evidence that fecal transplants go any better when the donor is a relative. Any stranger will do.

    Best of luck,

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Sorry to hear about your challenges with UC…it is such an emotional roller coaster, isn’t it. The doctor I saw shared that my daughter wouldn’t have to go through the testing since she is so young. As a matter of fact he figures that if is your spouse or children..if they were ill we would know and they would need to go through the tests. A stranger would definitely have to go through the tests, due to the fact that you wouldn’t know their history. I hope your throat is feeling better and that you don’t need to get onto antibiotics. Do take care of yourself.


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